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Indo Fresh Pork Hind Trotter 印尼后脚 1pc

Indo Fresh Pork Hind Trotter 印尼后脚 1pc

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100% Fresh Pork

Freshly vacuum packed from the market and delivered to your doorstep

Location Bred – Indonesia Fresh Pork
Our supplier, Bulan Farm, is located in Indonesia where we import daily fresh pork from on every Tuesdays to Sundays.

Cooking Style(s)

  • Braised
  • Deep Fried
Which Part of the Pig?
A pig’s trotter is the culinary term for the foot of a pig

Fat to Meat Percentage (%)
80% Meat to 20% Fat

Health Benefits
There are plenty of health benefits commonly associated with this pork cut.
Rich in Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium and Collagen from pig’s trotters promotes good health!


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