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A little Backstory

AFK is the Abbreviation for “Away From Keyboard” and the same goes for us, Awesome Foodie Kias!

The Abbreviation, AFK, is frequently used among Gamers when they have decided to take a pause in their Games and be Away From Keyboard.

1 Common Example would be:
Gamer K says, “bro, AFK ah. i going eat with my girlfriend”
(Disclaimer: Yes, very Singlish, but very true as well.)

Not limited to Gamers only, in fact most of us tend to lose track of the time we spend in front of our electronics gadgets. Be it Students rushing through assignments or Working Adults completing assigned tasks outside office hours.

So.. Why did we come up with Awesome Foodie Kias?
Despite having such advanced technology in this generation, we simply hope that most of us will remember to go AFK from time to time, spend quality time with our loved ones and indulge in quality food!

We do possess over 4 years of experience in food handling & we take Customer Centricity, Top-notch Food Quality & Proper Hygienic Food Handling very seriously. Therefore, kindly rest assured that all food will be handled professionally and quality checked before it reaches you.

Aite, enough said! Simply get your food delivered to your doorstep & AFK IN PEACE! 🎮🤘🏻

Bon appétit 😉
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